Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Couple - Top Of The Pop - 2008

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One of the few true blue power pop bands in the region (Malaysia), Couple has been plying its trade for about 12 years now, dedicating itself to remind people of the virtues and magic of ’the song’, and the power of the pop!!
Taking cues from bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Big Star, The Who, The Raspberries, The Beat, The Rooks, Enuff Znuff and Weezer, Couple has kept on doing what they do best and hope to put a smile (and hopefully a headbang or toe-tap or two) on all youse guys’ faces. But, making you wet your pants will make us equally happy too!!
Relying solely, and foolishly, on the dodgy songcraft of our dodgy and lame frontman, Aidil, Couple has continued to defy the odds as none of us can play our instruments competently to save our lives, hoping to inspire similarly incompetent kids to just form their own bands and stick it to the Man!! Our live shows are textbook examples of the triumph of substance over style, if you call professional musicianship ’style’, that is. Sloppy and loud, with more than a touch of toilet humor in our lame crowd banter (if we’re up for it!!), our live shows will never fail to make you wet your pants with laughter and icky stuff. Yes, we’re THAT good and THAT bad!!
Bottom line: We’re here to serve the muse that is the pop! To pursue that magic in ’the song’. And to give you the sugar rush you need!! For further info or any inquiries please write to: encik.aidil@gmail.com Myspace

If you like "Top Of The Pop" get it here!

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Gyro1966 said...

cool stuff- i ordered this now at Amazon for $7.99- thanks for letting me hear it first.

wkc said...

I have really enjoyed finding out about this lp. This has some great tunes on it. Thanks!


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