Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chris Church - Let The Echo Decide - 2004

North Carolina singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Church puts the crunch back in powerpop with his brand new disc"LET THE ECHO DECIDE".The 12 song disc(released on Tim Anthony's label Jealousy records)earns Church favorable comparisons to Tommy Keene,the Washington,D.C area singer /songwriter/guitarist who became a cult hero of the 1980's with his hot vocal passion, rich guitar melody and cool persona. Church mixes a lot of break-up songs with an optomistic tale or two."So your're never gonna hear this song",he edgily decides on the cd opener,"You Better Move On Now Baby"Then he is sweet as can be on "Julie ,I Probably Shouldn't." "Are You On Fire" sets a suspenseful acoustic spell; "Ready To Rock, Ready To Die" rockets off with quite the mission statement ,but is really all about misdirection and misconceptions.
With Church,guitar is God and melody is King.All in all, Church grabs a raw groove ,polishes it just enough to bring out the shine and keep the edges and lets it rip.
Jealousy Records is really cool powerpop label and this is a really cool record go and get it.
I give it 3.5 stars out of 4. -Mark Bialczak, Syracuse Post Standard

If you like "Let The Echo Decide" get it here!

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