Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Bears - Eureka! - 2007

The guitarist aging art-rockers turn to for a sublime and stirring mixture of solid chops and wild-eyed invention, Adrian Belew (born in Kentucky, raised in Ohio) has played a crucial long-term role in the careers of David Bowie and King Crimson, while also making important contributions to Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, the Tom Tom Club and others. In between commitments like Bowie's Sound + Vision tour, Belew has found the time to pursue a pop career of his own. Nearly every LP contains at least one or two songs in which Belew's Beatlesque songwriting, unpretentious humanism, MIDI-processed guitar adventures and yelping vocals ring the delightful popcraft bell. At times, he seems very much like a latter-day Todd Rundgren with smaller computers. -[Jon Young/Mark Fleischmann/Dave Schulps/Ira Robbins] Trouser Press

If you like "Eureka!" get it here!

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King Size Mong said...

Damn you post too much to keep up with.

I was reading about Belew in Guitar Player today so I had to check this out.

Great album. I absolutely LOVE the track "normal".


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