Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All Night Chemists - Spots - 2007

Len Monachello grew up on Long Island and lives in Brooklyn, but in his heart of hearts he must be British. First, he calls his band All Night Chemists. Then he opens for Supergrass and Echo & the Bunnymen. And to top it all of, he records his second full-length in Liverpool with a producer who’s worked with Gomez and Badly Drawn Boy. So you’ll not be surprised to learn that Spots is heavily Britpop-influenced. His flat American accent might give him away as a Yankee, but Monachello does was he can to cover it up with anthemic choruses, a healthy dose of horns, and a songwriting talent that’s as comfortable reproducing the cold detachment of Blur-era Blur ("Sorbet", “The Fog") as the warmer, catchier sounds of a Supergrass or a Gomez ("Wake Up"). All Night Chemists might not be a Britpop band, but they do a decent impression of one. -[Adam Bunch] popmatters.com

If you like "Spots" get it here!

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jay strange said...

great band, great album and talking of great bands and great albums, alongside brandon wilde Len was originally in This Way a superb band who recorded one magnificent album for atlantic.....big label quality powerpop.....anyways if you head over to the all night chemists site and find the music archive section...

then not only is that fine album there for free download but also the unreleased second This Way album and another 17 or so unreleased songs by this truely great band...its a treasure trove i tell you....

Curty Ray said...

Thanks for the comments and greatinsite. And thanks for turning me onto The Way!


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