Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 6

This week PPO brings you a huge helping of Power Pop and more including some skinny tie greatness to garage edginess plus a whole lot in between.  Hold onto your seat and savor the Sonic Exuberance of the Power Pop Overdose Popcast.  As always enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose!

Curty Ray

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Curty Ray said...

PPO Popcast Volume 6

I Wanna Be a Teenage Fanclub
01 Norman Blake - Swedish Polarbears
02 God - Attic Lights
03 Hatchet - I Was A King
04 Mailman - The Primary 5
Mom I Dropped The Garage On My Foot!
05 Ian Kay - A Man Like Me
06 Shut Your Mind - The Baron Four
07 Falling Apart - The Rebel Set
08 The King Of Loose Ends - The Routes
70's Skinny Ties
09 Forget Your Name - The Whiffs
10 She's A Trap - Gentlemen Jesse
11 C'Mon C'Mon C'Mon - Brad Marino
12 All Kindsa Girls - The Real Kid
Not The Beatles
13 Recharge Your Mynd - The Mynd Gardners
14 She's Gonna Two Time - The Kaisers
15 In My Own Time - The Bee Gees
16 '67 (Home) - Vinyal Kings
Turn it F'n Up!
17 Turn It Up - Tight Pants Syndrome
18 Gimme Gimme - The Krinkles
19 I Can't Stop It Now - Dumb Dog Run
20 I Love Rock - Cooler
Sweet Home Chicago
21 Full Moon Turn My Head Around - Off Broadway
22 Curiosity - Shoes
23 I'm The One - Pezband
24 The Jets - Paper Girl
25 I've Got You - The Kind

BradB said...

Thanks for Popcast Vol 6 and posting the track list. These are a lot of fun.

johnnybgoode said...

I Listened to this one driving along the coast up the 101 from Ventura to Santa Barbara and it was truly a religious experience! Great combination of tunes - I like the batches of 4 or 5 songs in a theme. Thanks so much for these songs - it is obvious you took a lot of time to make them! I thought I would want to skip a couple, but every single selection was outstanding! Cant wait to hear more. Cheers!

Curty Ray said...

Thanks! I appreciate it.


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