Thursday, January 9, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 4 (The Coolest Songs of 2019)

Just when you think that the music industry has become incapable of making anything but tired retreads and money-grabbing drivel, you look back on this year and think: Huh. So they can still surprise us after all. This week we combed the Popverse to find some of the coolest songs of 2019.  Todays tracks range from Jangle to songs with a little more power than pop and everything in between, so sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy the PPO Popcast!
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Curty Ray said...

1. Lolas - DJ Girl
2. The Cudas - Tv Is Cool Again
3. Bronco Bullfrog - Never Been To California
4. White Reaper - Migt Be Right
5. Jordan Jones - Rumors Girls
6. The Resonars - Before You're Gone
7. Sunstack Jones - Something's Happened To My Mind
8. The Galileo 7 - Too Late
9. The Whiffs - Shakin All Over
10. The Rallies - If You Do
11. The Jay Vons - Keep On Moving
12. Berwanger - Bad Vibrations
13. ANC4 - You're The One
14. The Gold - Gimme Your Love
15. Telekinesis - A Place in the Sun
16. Bryan Estepa - No Ordinary
17. Paul Bertolino - Doll
18. Wyatt Blair - Boys Night Out
19. The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness - Close The Doors
20. Yorick van Norden - Train In The Station
21. Norman - Already Gone
22. Laika's Orbit - One You Cry For
23. The Bishops Daredevil Stunt Club - The Henry Norman Hotel
24. The Premonitions - Thats Voodoo

BradB said...

Looking forward to diving into this and as always thanks for posting the track list

zillagord said...

Great mix! I'm gonna check out some of these bands. Thanks so much for the new tunes.

Curty Ray said...

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