Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Releases from Cheap Rewards Records!

Cheap Rewards has released the great San Francisco powerpop bands The Rockers (EP) and The Finders (LP)

THE ROCKERS formed in 1977 by longtime songwriting team John “Rock” Perga and Phil Schraub. They wanted to put a live act together to showcase their pop sensibilities, so they added Bryan Allinsmith and Carl Jeppesen to the line-up and began perfecting melodies that incorporated two and three-part harmonies. The Rockers primarily played shows in the bay area and built a significant local following. At the end of 1979, they went in the studio and recorded four of their original songs. Trying to emulate the sound of their favorite British Invasion recordings, they succeeded in producing a highly polished and remarkable sounding 7" EP that was released on their own Alcatraz Records in 1980.

Regarded by many power pop enthusiasts as one of the top records of the genre, Cheap Rewards Records is proud to offer this fully authorized reproduction for a budget price so that fans new and old can enjoy this timeless masterpiece.

Pre-Sale Begins: January 3, 2013
Ship Date: January 7, 2013
Pressing Details: 100 copies Red; 400 copies Black

THE FINDERS continued the power pop path set by their previous incarnation, the Rockers. After solidifying a new line-up consisting of John “Rock” Perga, Phil Schraub, Bryan Allinsmith and John San Filippo, the band began working on a series of demos before entering the studio to record their first single featuring “It’s So Insane” and “Which Way.”

The tapes from their last recording session sat in the Mobius Studios vault for over 20 years before Phil and Dennis rescued them. Now for the first time ever on vinyl, Cheap Rewards Records is honored to deliver the best recordings from those session along with quality studio and demo material in one great package.

Pre-Sale Begins: January 3, 2013
Ship Date: January 7, 2013
Pressing Details: 100 copies Blue; 400 copies Black

You can get more info about the bands at cheaprewards.net

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