Friday, January 18, 2013

Livingstone Daisies: Don't Know What Happiness Is

Popboomerang is very excited to announce the first for 2013 & the very first ever vinyl album with new Melbourne band “Livingstone Daises” (the members will be no stranger to fans of Australian pop/rock)

Livingstone Daisies are a band are already well known for overdosing on harmony, jangle and fuzz and who made a grand and ambitious statement by recording two albums before even playing their first gig.

The band members - Van Walker (Vox, Guitar, Scotch & Coke) Liz Stringer, (Vox, Guitar, Scotch & Dry) Michael Barlcay (Vox, Drums, Cheap Red) Cal Walker (Vox, Bass, Expensive Port) will be no strangers to fans of discerning Australian Rock’n’roll and have teamed up as the Livingstone Daisies to create of Australia’s most formidable and exciting pop/rock bands.

With the release of their debut album Don’t Know What Happiness Is, The “Daisies” have crafted a record that is truly Australian yet tips it’s hat in appreciation to the members influences and inspirations (such as Teenage Fanclub, Tom Petty, Wilco, Bob Dylan, Big Star, Neil Young etc.)

As a listener you will work your way though the lush jangle of Wednesday, the honey coated gravel of Redhead, the powerful pop of Blue Solitude, the dusty country roads in Safety In Numbers, the rumbling and rambling Die On The Vine and the sun scorched melodies of Everything Has Got To Go and Keep Searching. Just when you think you have the band pegged they close the album with the mournful and epic “I Still Believe In You,” the perfect way to keep you guessing and (the album is 8 tracks long), keep you wanting more.

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