Monday, October 22, 2012

Kurt Baker - Brand New Beat Out 10/30/12

Well He has done it again, Kurt Baker has come up with another great album. The master of DIY marketing will be releasing his new album, Brand New Beat, on October 30. You don`t get Power Pop better than this. A great mix mix of Classic Power Pop, Power Punk and pure unadulterated fun, Brand New Beat is sure to make the PPO Top Ten for 2012.  Not a bad track in the whole lot, short and sweet, great vocals and a rock solid band, this one is hard to stop listening to!!  In another time this would have filled up the airwaves and Kurt Baker would have been a household name. You must pick this one up!

Brand New Beat will be released on Collector’s Club Records! Vinyl will be pressed by Jolly Ronnie Records and Torreznetes Entertainment in España!
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YankeeBoy said...

Wow, I'm gonna be singing that one all day. Please PLEASE post a reminder when the album is actually available.

oldsoftballdude08 said...

Is it a full album or more of an EP?

tomg said...

Very nice, sounds like a new wave pop album


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