Tuesday, September 18, 2012

True Hearts now at Kool Kat

"An excellent power pop band who, like many other equally talented bands, never got the chance they deserved back in the day. Thankfully, Kool Kat has wrested this fine album from the jaws of obscurity, and it deserves to claim a spot on the shelves of any fan of the genre!" - David Bash/IPO GREAT!!!

The original True Hearts album has been rediscovered and released on the KoolKat Musik label and is available now. Don't miss it this time around!


Popville said...

Gary Littleton raved about Terry Carolan, and after he somewhat recovered from his long illness (& emerged from hiding), sent me some of Terry's music. After reading that Terry spent a number of years in Houston, I wonder if Gary & Anthony's residence there was a coincidence. I presume they were friends from high school days in Tampa, FL.

Anyway, Terry's groups (there were a number including the ill-fated Rubinoos-assisted recordings - a story that needs a real, in-print article) all deserve proper releases, as from the cuts I've heard, are all fantastic.


- Michael, ex-Audities-List operator

PS: I see you're clued into the Atlanta band The Biters. They've played here in San Jose (lotta fun). Originally I found them on an Atlanta cable tv show archived on YouTube (random find) and later found their singles on Soulseek before buying a cd proper at the SJ show,

amusicalguy said...

Terry Carolan & Gary Littleton have been friends of mine since I was in college, and both made my otherwise dull life seem so much more exciting and enjoyable. Having spent hours listening to various 45's & album tracks by bands of all kinds they both broadened my taste in music. The True Hearts CD is a MUST HAVE for any lover of great pop/power pop with infectious tunes that will lodge themselves in your brain and not let go. Pick this up ASAP and you will not be disappointed! In fact, you'll wonder how you lived this long without them!

oldsoftballdude08 said...

Thanks for the tip Curty Ray. I just got this in the mail from Kool Kat (fast service too) and it's awesome. My only complaint I guess would be for them not to mention a single from a later time that isn't on this release called "Everytime". They could have done a bonus track couldn't they? Still in all, 4 solid stars.

Terry Carolan said...

Thanks to Curty Ray and PPO for the great review! And, thanks to "oldsoftballdude" for the four stars. Unfortunately, I don't own the rights to the officially released version of "Everytime" (which I hated), and of everything in my archive that I digitized long ago, the studio demo we did of "Everytime" was the one song that I couldn't get a good transfer of. However, if any PPO reader wants either version, please contact info@terrycarolan.com and I'll make sure you get either a link for a download (free) or an mp3 attached to an email.


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