Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scott Bennett & The Dotted Line - Scott Bennett & The Dotted Line - 2004

This is a solo project from Brian Wilson Band member Scott Bennett and will leave fans of Jon Brion, Jason Falkner, Wondermints, Neil Finn, Kevin Gilbert and Owsley with jaws to the floor. You`ll hear some David Mead and Andy Stochansky vocally and, of course, Wilson-like harmonies. Anthemic song-writing and musicianship are a large part of the equation, but their greatest appeal may be in the soaring, lush and heartfelt vocals. Punchy and catchy, yet atmospheric and emotional, their debut has the rare combination of being as moving as it is tuneful. Each song whips up pulse-stopping slides into confident, richly rewarding hook-magic, all saturated with an incredible commitment to the production qualities of all the aforementioned artists/bands. -Not Lame




Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Curt! KRILL

md said...

Sounds like heaven.
Looking forward to hearing it muchly!


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