Monday, September 13, 2010

Cornershop - Woman's Gotta Have It - 1995

Tjinder Singh's Cornershop has created the perfect hybrid of Western indie rock and swirling Eastern traditional music: Hindi-pop. It's not like what the Beatles did with sitars nor is it classifiable as worldbeat: Cornershop is unique. "Jullandar Shere" opens and closes the album on an Eastern note but with a hip-hop twist. It's an adventure in lo-fi noise pop with the drone of tamboura, native percussion, and processed vocal sung in Punjabi providing the rhythm. "Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu" conveys indignation through its angry guitar and spit-sung lyrics. "Call All Destroyer" has Singh leading on funky bass like old-school political rockers Gang of Four. The anti-melodies are similar to stock indie rock, but the sonic dissonance created on dholki, harmonium, and flute separates Cornershop from the pack as they reclaim a racial stereotype (that every Asian in Great Britain tends a corner shop) while creating their very own roots music with a message. -AMG




Anonymous said...

Oke I got it This was your last Secret Saterday.
Good move, and keep on dancing

Curty Ray said...


For the first hour or so I had posted the wrong link on Saturday. Here is the right one!

Music for Songwriters said...

very original music...nothing that i have heard before...excellent album...

Miguel said...

Grazie per condividere la musica.

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