Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fate Lions On KXT 91.7: Hot Jive In-Studio Performance

Here is something no one should miss!
The fabulous Fate Lions are going to be playing across the airwaves and through your hairs TODAY, December 16th at 3:15pm – 4:15pm Central Time on Dallas, Denton and Fort Worth's very own KXT 91.7. The kind folks over yonder have deemed it worth the risk to have our bunch of ne'er do wells into the studio to make an attempt at entertaining. Hopefully we can deliver something worth mentioning to friends. Thanks again for all the support everyone and don't forget to download the entire album, FREE, through Christmas HERE. It's just our way of getting our psychic hands into your homes and hearts, or at the very least your car stereos and whatever other portable devices you utilize for music toting.

Stay Groovy!


anónimo e said...

I use to read your blog and it´s great so congratulations . One of the records that i´m always expecting to be commented by you is "Love" by The Scuffs . I´ve never found it. Have you listened ? What do you think about it?
Thanks for the blog

Anonymous said...

Dang I missed that today. But thanks for notice! KXT is my new favorite station down here. Heck, it's the only thing decent around here. Unless you like endless reruns of Pink Floyd, Kansas, Boston and ZZ Top!

Hopefully they'll rerun excerpts.

nffcnnr said...

Fear not, my friends! Fate Lions' performance is on the web at Audio and video!
~The Awesome•O•Meter


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