Friday, June 19, 2009

The Everyothers - The Everyothers - 2003

A big-sounding mix of glam rock, garage, power-pop, and straight-ahead rock, the Everyothers' self-titled debut recalls the similarly gutsy but smart sound of Cobra Verde and Urge Overkill. Unlike many other New York rock bands of the moment, the Everyothers opt for a relatively polished production on their debut, which alternately helps and hinders their sound. The clean sound gives the album's best moments, such as the opening track "Can't Get Around It," "Ticket Home," and the jangly "Break That Bottle" an extra kick, but it also makes some of the album's less-inspired moments such as "Surprise Surprise" and "Dead Star" sound overly slick. However, most of the album falls into the "pretty good" category: "Make Up Something," "Like a Drug," and "Go Down Soon" are entertaining in the moment but don't tend to stick with listeners after they're done playing. The band's undeniable chops and Owen McCarthy's charismatic vocals -- which recall David Bowie and Mott the Hoople's Ian Hunter -- carry them through these moments, but occasionally it seems like the Everyothers have more attitude and technique than memorable hooks and melodies. In those departments, the second half of The Everyothers fares better than the first: "In My Shoes" adds just enough pop to the band's sound; "No Right Time" is jaunty and pissed-off with soaring choruses; and "English Cigarettes" has a flashy, almost cabaret feel that makes it one of the album's most distinctive tracks. Overall, The Everyothers is a good debut album that would've made an even better debut EP -- there's enough right with the Everyothers' sound and style that it makes the band's occasional stumbles that much more frustrating. -AMG

The Everyothers - The Everyothers - 2003/rs
The Everyothers - The Everyothers - 2003/sb

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