Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Seth Swirsky - Instant Pleasure - 2004

It’s a fine art; making quality pop music. Music so good that it demands even the most jaded of hard rock, indie, acoustic or country fans to take a step back and appreciate it. It’s quite few and far between that any musician comes around that is talented enough to have the craft of pop music refined to such a degree that, no matter what mood you’re in, you can’t help but bob your head to the beat, and sing along to the lyrics. The aforementioned is exactly the type of music that Seth Swirsky makes.The vibe of this album is just something you have to hear to believe. Bringing up fond memories of such greats as The Beatles, and John Lennon; as well as more recent acts such as Angie Aparo (For Stars and Moon era) and The Thrills (Let’s Bottle Bohemia era), Instant Pleasure is a great little slice of pop heaven. -Trent Moore



moxnix said...


Lowry Hamner & The Cryers-Midnight Run (USA Mercury #SRM-1-3785 1979)
Formed Meridian MS

One of a thousand pop bands who crawled out of the woodwork after new wave made pop cool again, the short lived Cryers had a catchy quality to their work most bands barely understand. Despite the brilliant songwriting of Lowry Hamner, this band never got the credit, let alone the success it deserved. All the compositions on this their 2nd lp are by Lowry Hamner whose plaintive voice and poignant ballads owe something to Dwight Twilley. I found this rare gem for $4.50 while crating in Rockville Md.
Freshly ripped vinyl, enjoy!!!

1 Lovelight (Let It Shine) Hamner

2 Hold On Hamner

3 Break Your Heart of Stone Hamner

4 You're the One for Me Hamner

5 I Want You Tonight Hamner

6 Midnight Run Hamner

7 Who You Tryin' to Fool Hamner

8 I Want to Hurt Somebody Hamner

9 I Can't Be Satisfied Hamner

10 Tell Me Your Dreams Hamner

Cryers (Main Performer), Clay Barnes (Guitar), Clay Barnes (Piano), Clay Barnes (Vocals), Tom Ethridge (Guitar (Bass)), Lawry Hamner (Guitar), Lawry Hamner (Piano), Lawry Hamner (Vocals), Jim Mason (Producer), Eric Prestidge (Engineer), Darrell Verdusco (Drums), Darrell Verdusco (Vocals)

Bitrate 320kbps 2 Files

1 54.4 MB


2 34.4 MB


moxnix said...

if you can turn this one into a post for your bog , please do so, recently discovered your blog,thanks for all the great music!!!

Anonymous said...

Listening to it now - you were right I do like it! Thanks very much. Will be visiting Not Lame for this one. I saw a while back someone request JF 'Everyone says it's on'. Is it likely that one will ever be posted?

Anonymous said...

I dig Swirsky's music, especially The Red Button. But I was weirded out to find out what a crazy right winger he is.

Tony Sheen said...



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