Thursday, September 4, 2008

Paper or Plastic - Don't Be Like That - 2008

Paper or Plastic was formed in 2002 by some guys in middle school who wanted to rock & roll. Before long, however, they realized they needed to set themselves apart from the other approximately 12,476,894 up and coming bands in existence.With that in mind, two of these guys, David Pollock and Ty Whittier, dropped their immature, middle-school style of playing and gained supreme musical clout.But how, you ask, did they do it?Ty quickly found a niche as the eloquent lyricist, with Dave as the brooding musical genius, and a new drummer, Seth Norman, a DJ by night, whose beats let their music flow. The talented members, combined with their unique sound influenced by Costello, CAKE, Bowie, and Sinatra (yes, seriously) , make up Paper or Plastic's divine musical prowess. -CD Baby

If you like "Don't Be Like That" get it here!

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