Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet Relief helping to raise money for musician Gary Myrick

One of our nation’s outstanding artist’s, Gary Myrick, was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and is undergoing surgery in early September 2010. Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, along with Gary’s family, music industry friends and fans seek support to help defray medical costs and vital personal expenses during this difficult time.

Due to challenging economic times for musicians and all Americans, Gary found himself unable to maintain health insurance over the past year. Unfortunately, during a recent medical checkup, it was discovered that Gary had prostate cancer. While a full recovery looks promising, the expense of surgery, hospitalization and lost income will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Gary decided to work with Sweet Relief because he knew that sharing his personal story would help the thousands of musicians facing illness and disability who do not have a network to come to their aid. A portion of all funds raised for the Sweet Relief / Gary Myrick Fund will go to assist those artists.

If you wish to donate you can do so online through this Chip In Widget. Donations can all be made at our website

Or send a check or Money Order to:
Sweet Relief / Gary Myrick Fund, 4952 Warner Avenue, Suite 235
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

If you wish to do more, like have a benefit show, donate items etc. please contact Sweet Relief at
Phone: 714-846-3030

Direct contributions can still also be sent to:

Gary Myrick, 14622 Ventura Blvd. #430, Sherman Oaks, CA. 91602 or via PayPal to Checks or money order should be made out to Gary Myrick. Rate this posting:

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