Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Mighty Wah! - Songs of Strength & Heartbreak - 2000

Following the release of 1991's Infamy, or How I Didn't Get Where I Am Today, Pete Wylie and his several incarnations of Wah! or the Mighty Wah! seemed to disappear. In fact, he suffered a severe back injury and it took until 1999 for him to return to the studio. And return he did, with this batch of brilliant songs. This is classic Wylie. As usual, strong melodies are present and Wylie shouts out his typically angry lyrics. He has chosen to work with extremely talented producers who bring the fullness to the sound. However, for the most part, these producers made their mark during the 1980s and this CD has the overall feel of an '80s release. The only complaint with the CD is that it is too long, and a couple of the songs could have been put to better use as B-sides. Otherwise, this is a brilliant album, one that fans will love as well as anyone looking for classic '80s sound. -AMG


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side3 said...

I am glad to see this here. I think this album is genious, but I only heard it due to a track on a Mojo magazine CD. I explain it to my frieds, as Bono fronting the E Street Band, singing songs by Ian Hunter.

Any other Mighty Wah! you have would be much appreciated.

Shriner said...

I was late to this one, but "Heart as Big as Liverpool" is a goddamn *anthem* if ever I heard one.

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davidyiken said...

Any chance of reposting this?


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