Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Gerry Alvarez Odyssey - Candy Prankster - 2006

The first solo CD effort from singer, guitarist and founding member of Canadian Garage-Punk Legends "The Gruesomes"!! During the long breaks in the bands career Gerry has written, recorded and produced 11 original slices of Psych Rock reflecting a wide range of moods + emotions. A virtual cornucopia of driven rhythms + surreal passion commencing with the fuzzed-fueled and sly lyric humour of the title track "Candy Prankster" thru the catchy lead-in hook + warning of "Fly by Night" to the phased-out inverted guitar/vocal harmonies + far eastern drone of "Urban Shaman + Heaven" then culmination with subtle effect on the Lennonesque inspired "The Trail"!! Superbly assembled and performed... produced by Gerry Alvarez and Alphonse Lanza. RICOCHET SOUND is proud to offer this aural delicacy to the world... But don't take our word for it!! THE TIME IS NOW! JUMP ON BOARD AND JOIN THE ODYSSEY!!! -thegerryalvarezodyssey


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gary said...

some of the files have gaps in the audio stream

Johnny Lebrel said...

He have a great new album:
"Omega Tea Time"

thanks for this!


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