Thursday, September 2, 2010

Airplane Noise - Getting Down - 2010

Fresh off the release of their 2009 self-titled, debut EP, which critics hailed as “cool nerd rock,” “clever,” and “refreshing,” indie/power pop/rock band Airplane Noise is back with the release of their second EP, “Getting Down.” The New Jersey-based quartet’s new record features five songs that deal with topics such as unrequited love, optimism at the prospect of a burgeoning relationship, and regret in the face of loss. From album opener “Go Ahead,” which bursts out of the gate with a melodic bass line, distorted guitars, a propulsive drumbeat, and a Cars-like lead synthesizer melody, to the infectious boy-girl vocals in “Last Night,” the charming piano-driven pop ballad “One Cup of Coffee,” the intricate harmonies in the quirky “I Will Always Win,” and the dynamic album closer, the aptly titled “Goodbye,” Airplane Noise has crafted an eclectic mix of songs that seamlessly shift from fast to slow, loud to soft, all while retaining the semblance of a coherent album.

Recorded throughout late 2009 and early 2010, “Getting Down” was produced by Bob Sauler at Rockview Studio in Bristol, PA. In addition to producing the record, Bob, along with his wife April, contributed vocals, guitar, percussion, and flute during the sessions.

“Getting Down” is currently available as a free download via Rate this posting:

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