Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Travoltas - Endless Summer - 2002

If The Netherlands seems like an unlikely point of origin for Travoltas -- perhaps the world's finest surf-punk band -- it's important to remember that Beach Boys and Descendents albums are available worldwide. Fusing elements of those influences to a sturdy rock charge, not unlike blink-182, this talented quintet, fronted by Perry Leenhouts, fires off roaring, airwave affable anthems in quick succession. "One for the Road" launches the disc by chronicling van life from tour stop to tour stop amid a powerful guitar attack. "I'm Sorry" puts the group's most impressive asset -- killer three-part harmonies -- on display, while "Liv Tyler," is a sunny ode to a starlet with an undeniable approach akin to pop/punk jokers Nerf Herder. If the title cut sees these Europeans longing to revisit the sandy shores of Southern California through an exhilarating, handclap propelled rocker, "Lori" is a timelessly structured love song with an edge. Anchored by the steadfast kit work of drummer Woody, and in the spirit of the Ramones under the guidance of Phil Spector, Travoltas' musicianship is damn impressive. Succinctly put, in a perfect world, these lads would be chart-busters.-AMG

The Travoltas - Endless Summer - 2002/rs
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