Thursday, June 4, 2009

Richard Lloyd - Field Of Fire - 1985

After a six-year silence, Richard Lloyd (backed by mostly Scandinavian performers) released his second album, this one on the Swedish Mistlur label. This top-quality platter is more upfront and energetically rocking than its predecessor, Alchemy. Showy, hard-driving songs like "Watch Yourself," "Lovin Man" [sic], and "Backtrack" (this last sporting a fine bluesy harmonica solo) are typical of the approach here. "Losin Anna" [sic] is a no-nonsense Rolling Stones-derived boogie number which is spoiled a bit by Lloyd's hoarse vocal. "Soldier Blue" ironically weds angry anti-war lyrics to danceable rock stylings. "Keep on Dancin" [sic] snitches a prominent guitar lick from the Ramones' "Suzy is a Headbanger" for its rocking texture. Other songs like "Pleading," "Black to White," and the title track show affinity for the vibrant guitar stylings of Television; the title number in fact contains lengthy, ringing guitar solo sections much like those of that band's first album. Lloyd's vocal shortcomings are most noticeable on this particular song. Sound quality and production are generally good. Despite its few small blemishes, this release is an excellent one worth hearing. -AMG

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Anonymous said...

THanks for the share. I think Track 1 from Disc 1 is missing. LIke the rest of the album though. Could you post track 1 ? Much thanks!

Tommy C said...

Thanks for this Richard Lloyd. Did you intentionally leave off 3 songs from the first disc? 1, 5 & 8 are missing. No big deal, just wondering. Thanks again.

Curty Ray said...

Sorry, I don't know what happened. I have repaired everything

Tommy C said...

Hey, Thanks for fixing the Richard Lloyd. And by the way, thanks for all of the time & work you spend on this great blog. I've discovered some great stuff & rediscovered some stuff I had forgotten about. I really liked those Who Are Those Guys? comps. Thanks again. Keep it up! TC


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