Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Martial Arts - Your Sinclair - 2006

Paul Kelly adopted the name when Christian Örjestål discovered his melodic indie-pop on the 'net and subsequently released material on two compilations by the man’s celebrated Groover Recordings imprint as a result. Following a favorable reaction across the international pop underground, an EP, “Do It Riot Grrl” was the precursor to the début album “Your Sinclair”. Recorded in Stockholm with Shout Out Louds producer Ronald Bood, “Your Sinclair” evokes 60s beat, 70s new wave and 80s indie - with a few moments of intense guitar abuse thrown in for good measure. The band toured Norway and Sweden in 2007 to promote the album following positive critical acclaim and continue to enjoy some popularity in that hemisphere.
So far the fickle UK scene has yet to catch up however “Your Sinclair” was album of the week on BBC Radio Scotland’s Tom Morton show. What does he reckon?
"The Martial Arts...roots rooted grand-pop confectioners with guts, glamour and all the potential for glory. The Swedes love 'em. Why can't we?"
It’s not altogether clear how a bunch of youngsters from Glasgow can combine the sounds of Halfnelson (pre-Sparks for any young ‘uns) and The dB's with likes of Hefner and the Violent Femmes, but if any of the aforementioned do it for you then chances are that The Martial Arts will push similar buttons. -Lindsay Hutton 'The Next Big Thing' fanzine

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Rick.N.Baker said...

Paul pointed me in the direction of the album about a week ago and it hads been played at least twice a day since then, it is great! I hope that there is a new one in the pipeline!

Rolf said...

Hey, there are some instant hooks here like on "Duality." Thanks for the download.

Anonymous said...

the link is dead :(

Curty Ray said...

Link has been updated


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