Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Alternate Routes - Good And Reckless And True - 2006

The Alternate Routes' debut release is uplifting but rather nondescript guitar-oriented rock, with plenty of soaring guitars and anthemic vocals in the hard-charging tunes that dominate the disc. In the occasional quieter tracks, singer Tim Warren has a light timbre reminiscent (yet not explicitly imitative) of singer/songwriters like Paul Simon or James Taylor; the piano-acoustic guitar-dominated "The Black and the White" is the strongest effort in that regard, though it's not too typical of the album. A bit of hard rock guitar cockiness rears its head once in a while (as in the closing "Please Don't Let It Be"), but that influence isn't too overwhelming either. A group that hews so close to mainstream forms has to have really strong songs, or at least melodic hooks, to make an impact, and they're not in evidence here. -AMG

The Alternate Routes - Good And Reckless And True - 2006/rs
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angel said...

hey, i need some help if u dont mind

id like to know the name of this band an d the title, if posible
ill try with u and other blogs about more or less power pop. this is a, i suppose, 1980 ish song, possibly american (i really dont know)
maybe they are well known and i´m just an ignorant (i dont think they are very 'obscure'). maybe you just heard it in a comp... (1.25 MB)

thanks and regards

Anonymous said...

That would be "Can't Wait" by Piper, featuring Billy Squire, late seventies.

angel said...

thanks a lot!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great choice, Curty - "Ordinary" was one of my favorite songs last year. Just saw them live last month and they were excellent. Will be writing up their new one very soon.


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