Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sparkler - Wicker Park - 1997

Produced by Keith Cleversley (Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips), Sparkler's debut album Wicker Park is an engaging amalgam of swirling guitars and sunny melodies. While the songs aren't always cohesive, Sparkler has a charming, appealing sound that falls halfway between the Lips and Mercury Rev, which means that Wicker Park is a worthwhile listen, even with its faults. -AMG

If you like "
Wicker Park" get it here!

Sparkler - Wicker Park - 1997 pt1/rs
Sparkler - Wicker Park - 1997 pt2/rs
Sparkler - Wicker Park - 1997 pt1/megaupload

Sparkler - Wicker Park - 1997 pt2/megaupload

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Anonymous said...

What??? No mention of it being Rick Parker??? No Lions and Ghosts??? Not everybody knows! Otherwise, great blog!!! Have you heard of the new RIAA plan to go after ISP's??????

Anonymous said...

thank u very much for your work. Merry xmas and a happy new years.


adprim said...

Would you be kind enough to also share the album Rick Parker - Wicked World (1992)? Thanks before if you have it. :)

Nuttapon Laokuldilok said...

please reload again....please thank you


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