Friday, December 5, 2008

Sparklejet -This Years Model - 1998

Conceived in 1996 in the sprawling agricultural wasteland called Fresno, SparkleJet’s urgent & drunken hookiness will single-handedly reanimate the rotting corpse of quality rock n’roll. Over the course of three fine albums-1997’s Soap, 1998’s This Years Model, and 2001's Bar Guest, this lovably loose threesome have demonstrated an otherworldly capacity to bounce easily about the rock landscape. From barroom bliss, a la The Replacements circa ‘84, to Kinks-y power stomps, to poetic, Camper Van Beethoven pop, to filthy Exile- epoch Stones and now, a more angular/dissonant direction, SparkleJet delivers the smart and timeless goods you’re probably too much of an art rock snob to admit to your friends you both love and need. Waste no more time worshipping poser idols, accept the gospel of SparkleJet now.

If you like "This Year's Model" get it here!

Sparklejet -This Years Model - 1998/rs
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