Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mondo Topless - Go Fast! - 2002

Don't tell Get Hip Recordings that garage rock is the new 'in' sound, because they've been doing it before MTV even knew what garage rock was (though well after the original 50s and 60s garage rock movement died). With a cast and crew of rock lovers, Get Hip has always been the best source for quality garage rock. And if their latest release, Mondo Topless' Go Fast! doesn't make you want to dance and inspire you to love garage rock again, than nothing will.Go Fast! is as classic as they come - sweat-drenched, fast, and hip shaking good. The organ soaked, fast-paced rhythms, and manic guitars all come crashing together to make an appetizing sound, a fresh, refreshing rock sound that recalls sock hops on speed as much as it does the post-punk movement. Mondo Topless creates sixteen tracks here that will devour you and make you come back for more. It is the sweat taste of rock 'n' roll's sweat, and you just can't get enough. -In Music We Trust If you like "Go Fast" get it here!

Mondo Topless - Go Fast! - 2002 pt1/rs
Mondo Topless - Go Fast! - 2002 pt2/rs
Mondo Topless - Go Fast! - 2002 pt1/badongo
Mondo Topless - Go Fast! - 2002 pt2/badongo Rate this posting:

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These band has a particular sound, I dont really like it that much, but they are good.


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