Monday, December 8, 2008

Kyle Vincent - Trust - 1993

This is the highly sought after, out of print debut, “Trust” album from Kyle Vincent, originally recorded in 1992. Vincent is not yet a household name, but has some of the best vocal pipes in pop music. This album showcases his more power pop/rock side, but also has some softer gems that rank among the strongest ballads of his career. For fans of Bryan Adams, George Michael, the Raspberries, AOR Rock, Richard Marx, and Barry Manilow, (whom Vincent was on tour with when this album was slated for original release), this is an essential. It is the missing link between Vincent’s days as teen lead singer of the seminal power pop band, “Candy” and his excellent self-titled “debut” effort on Hollywood Records.
His voice is a bit younger, scratchier, and ardent as he mostly sings in his higher register, but the laid back, effortless, behind-the-beat, almost blue-eyed soul phrasing which will be featured on subsequent albums, is setting in nicely. It’s also Vincent’s first foray into taking the producer/arranger reigns, and on those 4 tracks he shows he’s ready to compete with the big boys.
Highlights include a stunning tenor sax solo from jazz legend Gerald Albright on “Maybe It’s Better This Way”, a Vincent production that is nearly reminiscent of "Me & Mrs. Jones".
The insanely catchy, “A Night Like This”, which evokes memories of “Tonight” by the pop legends, the Raspberries.
If you’re not yet familiar with Kyle Vincent, put on your 1992 ears, download this album first, then start scooping up his other albums, listening in order of their release. You’re in for a real pop treat. -CD Baby

If you like "Trust" get it here!

Kyle Vincent - Trust - 1993 pt1/rs
Kyle Vincent - Trust - 1993 pt2/rs
Kyle Vincent - Trust - 1993 pt1/badongo
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