Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Greenhornes - Gun For You - 1999

On this sizzling garage rock debut, Cincinnati, OH's Greenhornes showcase their talents at combining solid early- to mid-'60s Stones/Kinks-style rock with a jovial mod influence and Detroit blues-rock punchiness. Their lineup features former members of the Nevada Death Band, including Craig Fox on guitars and vocals, Brian Olive on guitar and backup vocals, Patrick Keeler on drums, and Jack Lawrence on bass; the pervasive organ right up front in the mix comes courtesy of spectacular keyboardist Jared McKinney. There are ten blues- and soul-tinged originals here in all, along with two blistering covers (including the old Blues Project chestnut "Wake Me, Shake Me"). Fox's multi-range singing talents are wildly apparent on howling rave-ups like "No More," "The End of the Night" (a song about the nature of dysfunctional relationships), and "Going to the River," or blue-eyed soul numbers "Hold Me," "I've Been Down," and the smoky "No Friend of Mine." -AMG

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Anonymous said...

Anyone have the greenhornes self titled album with covers??

Or the 'Lovin In The Sun' 7"?



PS - Some great music i've found on this blog.


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