Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Drysdales - The Drysdales - 2000

If groups such as Cheap Trick, Shoes and Enuff Z'Nuff hadn't already made you wonder, I submit The Drysdales self-titled debut as proof positive that the bands coming out of Chicago have turned the place into the new Liverpool.
The Drysdales brand of melodic power pop is heavily British-invasion inspired rock 'n' roll. They even brought in Raspberries' bassist Scott McCarl to add his vocals and guitars to all 12 tracks on this album. The key inspirations for a very diverse, distinctive sound are The Beatles, The Kinks, The Raspberries and Del Shannon (who headlined over The Beatles in England at the height of Beatlemania folks!). McCarl wrote the intro to the CD booklet. He also sings lead on and cowrote "Lost In Your Smile," which I deem to be the best power pop tune of the past year. According to McCarl's liner notes, the band wrote the tune the way bands used to do things before corporate America took the art and fun out of making music --- they wrote it spur of the moment on a greasy pizza box. McCarl wrote the tune with the three Drysdales (Patrick Potts, Steve Potts and Ron Fox) and Mike Konopka (who co-produced and engineered the album with Fox). It's like a time machine to "Beatles' '65" with an uptempo bass line from McCarl, Ringo-would-be-proud drumming from Steve Potts, jangly guitars (they grab you like The Byrds' "Turn! Turn! Turn!" or The Beatles' "Ticket To Ride") and sweet as chocolate harmonies:
There isn't a bad track on the album. Fans of British Invasion music from the '60s or the '70s power pop movement (Raspberries, Cheap Trick, Badfinger) and the '90s pop explosion (Posies, Fastball) will adore this album. -
Don Krider

If you like "The Drysdales" get it here!

The Drysdales - The Drysdales - 2000/rs
The Drysdales - The Drysdales - 2000/megaupload

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Steve said...

Thanks much for this one - been looking for it for a long time. And thanks for all the great music all year long. I discover a lot of stuff here that ends up putting a nice dent in my wallet.

Anonymous said...

I had this CD when it came out and just downloaded again.. Great overall album with cool grooves and harmonies,, Not too much PowerPop but Rock and ballads,, Sounds like it could've been recorded in late 60's but still sounds fresh. Must be big Pete Ham Fans (IMHO)..
What happened to these guys?
Can't find any new CD's etc..?

Barry Telwin - UK said...

This is not as much Power Pop as it is Old School Rock & Ballad but the songcraft is excellent and I love the harmonies.. The lyrics stick too.. Much like a great 60's album.. These guys must be HUGE Beatles, Badfinger & Beau Brummels freaks (I hear some who and Neil Young as well)... Now that I mention it coudl be a LA's or Early Nazz album.. Possible Klaatu thing here? HAs anyone ever seen these guys???

Where did these guys go? No Website or anything...

PD Turks said...

I saw them open for The Raspberries at a House of Blues gig and they had real cool tunes and even a Small Faces cover that blew us away.. The crowd enjoyed them as I remember which is tough to do at a Berries Reunion.. Bought this album and been looking for the next one.. I am listening as i type and remember real cool harmonies and great vocals.. As in the last post.. What happened to these guys? Chicago needs another breakout band!!!!

V said...

Too funny. The Drysdales was the name of my band in college...Kalamazoo, MI (1986-1987)

Sam The Man said...

I saw them open at HOB for Raspberries too.. They were good.. a few very cool tunes but we were their for the Berries.. They had a killer drummer too.. these tunes are very cool.. what happened to these dudes?


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