Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Cheaters - The Cheaters - 2007

August 2007 The Cheaters released their eagerly anticipated first single. "It’s Alright" is 2:02 minutes of dirty, mean and untamed 60’s punkrock from the Norwegian trio. This fire-breathing rocket takes off from the very first second, never to come down again. Play it dangerously loud, and you will be compelled to go and buy their self-titled Album.Henrik W. Kristiansen (drums) had just one condition the day he and Oyvind Skarsboe (guitar) decided to start a band: under no circumstances should Oyvind be the vocalist — they had known each other since childhood and had done The Animals impressions since they were eleven. Henrik didn’t recall Oyvind being the next Eric Burdon. But when they were about to record their fi rst EP, there was no time to fi nd another songbird. Oyvind had to lay down the vocals and suddenly a kept talent was revealed. He shone like a supernova and The Cheaters had found their vocalist.Everyone attending their early gigs knew that they were witnessing something unique, and that this band was truly destined for bigger things. But it was still a surprise to the boys when they were asked to play at Denmark’s Roskilde Festival in 2006, and then at Asthon Court Festival in the UK, just before Simple Minds, in front of thousands of ecstatic Brits. The trio crowned the 2006 summer with the launch of their EP and a trademark killer of a concert at Oslo’s Oya festival. If you like "The Cheaters" get it here!

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