Sunday, December 14, 2008

All Day Sucker - All Day Sucker - 2004

All Day Sucker is the new California sound. Their music is an inspired take on the sounds of the classic rock era re-imagined for modern ears. A treasure trove made up of expertly crafted pop songs, layered with influences ranging from ELO, Elvis Costello to The Eagles, Elton John and that's just the E's!
Their debut effort features a variety of guest help, not the least of which is Save Ferris’ singer Monique Howell, who lends her talents to “Living Room.” “We knew Save Ferris from playing around in the scene,” Summers notes. “We saw her do some impromptu thing at the Playboy Mansion , where she dressed up as Marilyn Monroe to sing ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend,’ which blew everyone away. We thought it would be cool to get her to come in and sing in that sexy, soulful lower register—and she did it incredibly well.”
Blessed with great songs, sharp chops, a cunning attitude and a mature sense of self, All Day Sucker is ready to venture into the seen-it-all music scene and emerge as a fresh, clever and unique musical presence. “Jordan and I have never been completely starry-eyed about this, as there always has been a certain level of understanding of what we were doing,” Coyle says. “Now we realize that it’s a much a folly for a 30-year-old to sing about hating his parents, as it is for a 16-year-old to explain what’s it’s like to live in real world. At a certain point in your creative life, you have to speak with your own voice. All Day Sucker has enabled us to find our voice.

If you like "All Day Sucker" get it here!

All Day Sucker - All Day Sucker - 2004 pt1/rs
All Day Sucker - All Day Sucker - 2004 pt2/rs
All Day Sucker - All Day Sucker - 2004 pt1/badongo
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Todd said...

I L-U-V love this band. "Worst Case Scenario" is probably a theme song for every single guy who reads this blog!

marfwah said...

Thanks for taking the time to do this. Great stuff.

Jackkaugh said...

All Day Sucker has a brilliant NEW record out now called The Big Pretend. It's on XM a lot right now. If you like the old one you'll LOVE the new one.


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