Friday, September 26, 2008

Seven O' Clock Junkies - Here Come's Everything - 2008

The History of the Seven O'clock Junkies looks back over 5 years. The first album “Here come’s everything” was meant to be a, mini solo album by Darryl Everitt, of songs written (and shoe horned in) whilst playing for “proper bands” in London. Musicians came and went from various tours and festivals with their main bands, but the songs just got more and more stunning as the sessions went on. The only problem was, in the end the album got bigger and bigger and the years rolled by… The first demos were finished off and sent to radio stations as early as 2001. Bob Geldoff came to hear of the band whilst he was doing a stint as a Dj on Londons Xfm radio station. Bob had been handed a copy of a 4 song demo by a friend of ours and was heard saying on a music program, that this band “restored his faith in pop music” and that “somebody should give them a proper release”…….he later aired many views on London’s XFM, one of which had him mentioning the band a second time and saying, he thought they we have been signed by now and that they we playing gigs in the area. (We weren’t signed, but we were playing live!) “Everyone’s allowed a little dreaming” received repeated airplay on Xfm radio but no one could get hold of a copy….It didn’t matter; we’ll finish the album soon, what’s the rush….Recording moved permanently to Shonk studios in Oxford, where The Candy Skins Bret Gordon and John Halliday re- recorded and recorded more songs. Charly Coombes from the 22-20’s and brothers Supergrass breezed through and absolutely made you want to die with a smile on your face with the keyboards he brought to the sessions.Then as the recording finished after a few crazy little gigs in London, we sat on the whole project.......... and went back to work with our various bands! -

If you like "Here Come's Everything" get it here!

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popheaven said...

Wow! Thanks a lot for this one. Can't believe you posted it so soon. This is a fantastic album that many people should know about.

McDaggett said...

Yeah! This one is a real gem. Bittersweet and inspiring. Thanks a lot!

Cliff. said...

Have to agree with the other 2 guys, this is an excellent album, many thanks for introducing me to their music.


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