Monday, September 1, 2008

Maple Mars - Beautiful Mess - 2007

Their third release is a pure pop delight and sees the band stretching out a bit musically! Rick Hromadka explains - "'The new album picks up where 'Circular Haze', our second album, leaves off. Musically, it recalls the 'beautiful' blend of our psychedelic power pop and lush acoustic orchestrations. Lyrically, it deals with adult relationships, including bittersweet breakup, and the celebration of new love. Saying goodbye while saying hello, and everything in between." All expertly delivered with the usual "Maple" formula that never fails to feature plenty of guitars (lots this time around), amazing hooks and gorgeous harmonies! Features a beautiful cover of 10CC's "I'm Not In Love"! "Paralyzed" sounds almost like a latter day Replacements song! "Fell Off The Cloud" sounds like a cross between Martin Newell and Cloud Eleven! Other songs also have a strong Cloud Eleven feel as well! "Between Two Worlds" and "Apology" are a terrific ballads! The crunch-filled power chords of "Face In The Crowd" are an air-guitar lovers dream! Think we like it? Keeps getting better and better with each spin! -CD Baby

If you like "Beautiful Mess" get it here!

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