Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lowry Hamner & The Cryers - Midnight Run - 1979

One of a thousand pop bands who crawled out of the woodwork after new wave made pop cool again, the short lived Cryers had a catchy quality to their work most bands barely understand. Despite the brilliant songwriting of Lowry Hamner, this band never got the credit, let alone the success it deserved. All the compositions on this their 2nd lp are by Lowry Hamner whose plaintive voice and poignant ballads owe something to Dwight Twilley.-moxnix Ripped @ 320 and served up fresh from PPO friend moxnix, Thanks Lowry Hamner & The Cryers - Midnight Run - 1979 -moxnix
Ripped @ 320 and served by good friend of PPO moxnix, Thanks

Lowry Hamner & The Cryers - Midnight Run - 1979 pt1 r/s
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wkc said...

Thanks for this wonderful share. I really enjoyed it. FYI Trk 9 has a big skip in it. I haven't taken the time to dl from second link to see if the problem exists in both

Thanks for all your efforts

moxnix said...

this was clean vinyl when recorded and there were NO skips. I have just downloaded my own link and listened to see what wkc is talking about and there is no skip.

atorso said...

would love a re-upload of this! Got hold of their debut LP after hearing Shake It Up on a power pop comp - blew my brains! But never managed to track down this follow up LP. Thanks!


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