Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kelly's Heels - Gone Off Pop?!? - 1997

Throw the melodies and harmonies of the 60s up in the air, smash them into submission with the full-on attack and energy of punk, add a distinctive vocal style a la Costello or Tilbrook, and you have Kelly's Heels. Led on guitar and vocals by Bob Kelly, supported by the ferocious drumming of Jim Kimberley and the groovy bass lines of Isobel Morris, the band has a live show you can't afford to miss. Though you can hear the influences of the British greats The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who in the music, the band blends those influences into a mix that is both highly contemporary but also timeless, producing a rich variety of stunning songs. Whether it's the energy and punkish swagger of Decide, or the heart-rending poignancy of the ballad It Wasn't Me, It Wasn't You, the versatility of Bob Kelly's songwriting is a revelation.

If you like "Gone Off Pop?!?" get it here!

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