Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jensen Bell - Modern Dating Tips - 2005

Modern Dating Tips is essentially as the title alludes, or as the artist himself puts it, “an evolving view of the arc of a modern person’s dating life”. Irony is the major theme within and to add one more, though Bell is an Angelino, his songwriting style is very “east coast,” as it will remind the listener of New York heavyweights like Fountains Of Wayne, Richard X. Heyman, and George Usher. Most of the songs on Modern Dating Tips clock in at under three minutes and have hooks in all the right places, with sardonic lyrics that always bring home the point. His line of “I’d swear off girls if I wasn’t straight” pretty much sums up the dating frustrations many men go through, but in the end never really live by. The album features several luminaries of the L.A. music scene, including Kim Shattuck (with whom Bell duets on the appropriately Muffs-like “Happy Chocolate) and the guardian angel of L.A. power-pop: Robbie Rist. This is one helluva pop album, and you won’t want to be without it. -David Bash - Amplifier Magazine

If you like "Modern Dating Tips" get it here!

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bk said...

thanks for this and some others i snagged from your blog within the last day or two. all gems and great finds. keep up the great power pop finds...

michael said...


Dating websites Ireland Tips said...

Hm, I think I'd buy it)


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