Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Janglemen - Tearjerker and 9 others - 2007

The Janglemen certainly live up to their name and the album "Tearjerker and 9 others" offers listeners classic Roger McGuinn Rickenbacker guitar strum and catchy melody. You can't get more "jangle" than this. Fans of Jamie Hoover, Bobby Sutliff, and even early Elvis Costello will enjoy this. The vocals are loose and the band has a punk swagger, so this is not a tribute band, but something different. "New and Different Ways" is a autobiographical track that even includes a dog bark in the chorus! If you ever wanted to hear a mix of Paul Westerberg and The Monkees - pick this one up! -powerpopaholic

If you like "Tearjerker and 9 others" get it here!

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JBJR1963 said...

I love the new "You might like this" feature you have added. I am a powerpop junkie from way back and this is by far my favorite website. If you have a things for which you are searching, I would love to try to help. Great site!


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