Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Invisible Mind Circus - Look Inside - 2005

The Invisible Mind Circus is a 4 piece band whose mission is to create pop music with a definite nod to 60's garage/psychedelia while keeping a strong relevance for today.In other words The Invisible Mind Circus is:"Runnin' Round the Future With Shades of Yesterday".The band was started by Mike Armstrong(guitarist/songwriter).After several failed attempts Mike recruited the services of veteran Knoxville musicians Duane Parks(multi-instrumentalist) and Rick Vance(drums).The trio rehearsed 13 of Mike's original tunes to play live while looking for a 2nd guitarist.In the meantime the opportunity arose in early April 2004 for the band to work with former Superdrag drummer turned recording engineer/producer Don Coffey Jr. so the gear was packed up and carted down to 613 Studio in Knoxville to begin recording sessions for a possible E.P. Once the boys got started with Captain Coffey at the helm twiddling the knobs they realized after their 3 day stint they had accomplished much more than the average bear so the E.P. idea was scrapped and a 2nd 3 days of studio time was procurred to create a full-blown 13 song cd! About this time veteran indie rock icon Tim Lee(Windbreakers) dropped in to play some psychedelic hammond b3 sounds and some downright nasty fuzz guitar as any good neighbor would do. After the 2nd round of sessions the material was mixed in the Coffey sound lab by Captain Don with helpful/annoying suggestions from Mike and Duane.A quick trip to Yes Master Studios in Nasville to see Jim Demain for mastering and the band had it's debut cd "Look Inside".In September 2004 Jeff Comas(Candy Cream and the Wet Dream)joined the band on guitar.Jeremy Moore is the new drummer for the IMC.

If you like "Look Inside" get it here!

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popheaven said...

Thanks a lot for my request! And also for The Mop Tops record, been looking for that one also. I like bands who use Rickenbackers and sound like The Byrds.

Also, if you have these ones, I'll be gratefull if you post them on your blog soon. Or if you don't have it, check them out:
The Bon Mots - Fourty Days and Fourty Nights with The Bon Mots (2008)
The Haggs - The Haggs (2003)
The Tangerines - The Tangerines (2006)
Steve Pearson (the singer from The Heats)- Battles and Ballads (2003)
The Janglemen - Tearjerker & 9 Others (2007)


popheaven said...

And I forgot about this one :
Seven O'Clock Junkies - Here Come's Everything (2008). They sound like the perfect combination between The Byrds and early R.E.M. The Cd just came out, but if you'll ge this one it will be a great post.
And another suggestion for a post : The Shorewoods - Long Weekend, from 2003. Great jangle power pop.

YankeeBoy said...

Hi, I'd appreciate it if you would add my new blog to your links.

You are already in mine.


popheaven said...

I will post The Tangerines on my blog today, so there's no need for you to post that if you were going to. And thanks for all the music you share!


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