Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Haggs - The Haggs - 2005

A long time ago, in a recording studio far, far away, two members of Omaha, Nebraska bands formed a side recording project to explore the multi-step process of writing, recording, performing, engineering, and mixing an entire album with complete and total control. The result was "The Haggs", a fourteen song, 60 minute cd which was recorded slowly and sensually over a four year period.
Taking the folk rock songwriting of guitarist Rex Gray and the pop influences of drummer/bassist Steve Aden, "The Haggs" is a blend of several musical styles of the mid-sixties. From the surf-guitar sounds of "B-E-Z" to the Lennon-ish "Lose My Mind" to the Boyce & Hart-inspired "(She's A)Wrecking Ball", the album takes you on a musical trip culminating with "Ukelele", a dreamy Hawaiian chant. -CD Baby

If you like "The Haggs" get it here!

The Haggs - The Haggs - 2005 pt1
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