Monday, September 29, 2008

Flashing Lights - Sweet Release - 2001

The second full-length from the Flashing Lights finds the band expanding the sound they experimented with on their Elevature EP. Like that EP, Sweet Release is a bit more laid-back than the engaging pop/rock found on Where the Change Is. For that reason, it may take Flashing Lights fans — or Super Friendz fans, lead singer Matt Murphy's former indie pop/rock outfit — several listens to fully enjoy Sweet Release. That said, the Lights experiment with their influences — Television, the Kinks, the Rolling Stones, the Who, the MC5 — while keeping some of their crisp pop/rock sound. Bluesy jams, hard rock guitar riffs, and blues organ were hinted at on Where the Change Is, but here the band relaxes and expands these sounds for a fun, captivating listen. "Same Thing Twice" uses an overtired lyric ("Tonight, tonight") and makes it fresh, while its T. Rex and Sweet vibe only adds to the song's appeal. "Too Delightful" dabbles in garage rock, and "It's Alright" is a good-time romp with an extended jam. The standout track is "Friends You Learn to Hate" — its lush, genuine energy is quintessential Lights. The album falters a bit on some tracks that don't have as much steam — the quirky "Keep It to Yourself" takes the worst of Wings and adds over-emoting for a "Seasons in the Sun" sense of doom. But the Flashing Lights obviously love what they do, and their infectious enthusiasm and fondness for smooth pop harmonies make up for any unevenness found on Sweet Release. -AMG

If you like "Sweet Relaese" get it here!

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Gyro1966 said...

keep up the great work- i check this blog first thing in the morning.

Dachmo said...

I just picked this up last week, great album. Their first album "Where the Change Is" is just as good.
You've got a great blog here. Thanks for keeping it going!

Erik said...

Please post Where the Change Is!

Patt said...

Where the Change Is



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