Monday, September 1, 2008

The Fire Apes - Central Park Carousel - 2005

The latest Britpop invasion comes from Charleston, South Carolina in the guise of the Fire Apes and their fine sophomore release, Central Park Carousel. While these dozen songs ring true with that affable sound of pleasant 1960s jangle pop, there's often more behind the songs than what's obvious.
The Fire Apes are mostly the efforts of John Seymour, who is surrounded by a band on only two tracks here. Other than that (and the constant presence of Paolo Licciardi on drums), Seymour has written all the songs, does all the vocals, plays all the guitars and bass, and even contributes percussion. He's the creative powerhouse behind this new collection -- and his talents translate to some very enjoyable pop that hearkens back to an earlier era.

There's no doubting the talents of John Seymour and the Fire Apes. This is pleasant music, easy on the ears, chock full of harmony and sweet guitars with a very subtle, intelligent, and literary bent to the lyrics. As such, Central Park Carousel is a most enjoyable musical ride, and will have fans of that catchy Britpop-style music coming back for more

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The Fire Apes said...

Awesome!!!! Many thanks for keeping PowerPop alive...

The Fire Apes

Anonymous said...

please re-up the fire apes albums! Thanks!

Curty Ray said...


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