Friday, September 12, 2008

The Contrast - Forget to Tell the Time - 2005

With their fourth and best album, Peterborough, England's the Contrast roll out 14 tunes that pay tribute to 1980s college radio icons like the Smithereens and R.E.M. with spirit, talent, and conviction. The fiery "Caught in a Trap" charges forth with the melodic gifts of singer/songwriter/guitarist David Reid, but the three-part harmonies of "Forget to Tell the Time" and the Kinks-on-steroids thump of "Different Again" are just gateways to mid-album keepers like the contagious, simple pop of "Someone Else's Logo," the Costello-like blues/jazz crawl of "Hold Your Fire," and the bittersweet, Rickenbacker-steered "Ink." Embraced by Little Steven on his Underground Garage radio show for good reason, these gents keep it tight and interesting. An exceptional effort, Forget to Tell the Time finds the Contrast coming in clear and in Technicolor. -AMG


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Gyro1966 said...

link is not working- but your blog is great!

Curty Ray said...

Thanks gyro1966 for letting me know. The link is repaired


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