Monday, September 15, 2008

Cloud Eleven - Terrestrial Ballet - 2004

As far as winsome, winning psych-pop goes, you can't do much better than Rick Gallego and Cloud Eleven. The 23-track Terrestrial Ballet is a collection of tribute album offerings, previously unreleased goodies, demos and other rarities, all wrapped in a soft, pleasant, acid-dipped gauze. Muscular pop rock ("Serendipic Wheel," "Apricot Ash"), '67 Beach Boys-cum-Tommy James fare ("Clover"), sprightly singer-songwriter acoustic stuff ("Waiting There Without You"), sitar-laced moodiness ("Glistening"), Shoes-like power pop ("It Does"), synthed-out grooviness ("Tuesday Letter"), Beatled-up cheeriness ("The One"), covers of Shoes, Teenage Fanclub and The Who---it's all here and it's all flat out wonderful, graceful and often poetic. As good as Cloud Eleven's albums proper are, this one's even better, and I'm not sure I'm prepared to say exactly why that is; perhaps it's due to the sheer variety of styles on display (as well as Gallego's ample songwriting skills). One of the lyrics from Gallego's homage to his musical heroes, "Sound on Sound," goes a long way towards describing Terrestrial Ballet : "Every move that you make sends me reeling when I hear that sound on sound." Believe it. -John M. Borack

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side3 said...

Yes! More Cloud Eleven please!

Gyro1966 said...

I can't get this link to open in stuffint expander once i have it DL. Does anybody else have a problem with this? All the other music you post work great for me.

Curty Ray said...

Hey Gyro1966!!

I just tried it and it seems ok! Maybe try downloading it again? If you want I will re-up it for you just let me know

Curty Ray

bri said...

Another thumbs up for Cloud Eleven! More please.

A suggestion for Gyro1966 - don't just rely on Stuffit; download another program like UnRarX as an alternate. (I'm assuming you're a Mac user since you're using Stuffit.)

Anonymous said...

Heck yeah! That Rick Gallego fellow knows his stuff! Anyone know what's become of Cloud Eleven? The myspace site for the group has been deleted and the website hasn't been updated in nearly two years...just wonderin'

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gallego abused his wife and is having some legal troubles. Not such a nice guy in person, but what "rock star" is?

Skip said...

Could this be rescued from behind the Sharebee Wall of Death?

Much appreciated


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