Monday, September 22, 2008

Captain Wilberforce - Everyone Loves A Villain - 2008

Simon Bristoll frustratingly continues to remain a blind spot for the disc buying public, a fact that's even harder to fathom in the light of this new album If you were to splice the DNA of Squeeze with that of the Guillemots, Burt Bacharach and Lennon and McCartney, this is what you'd likely get, a melody drenched album of superbly arranged intelligent grown up pop, rippling with quality songs that wear their 80s influences without shame but also sound like they were minted tomorrow. There's not a duff track here, but special attention should really be directed at the title track which is both reminiscent of and as good as anything Sgt Pepper, while spaghetti western guitars lay the ground for Confetti, Champagne And Roses which takes the best of early Costello and wraps it in a Difford and Tilbrook parcel, and Born Again Brand New Man swaggers down synthpop street like Badfinger on the arm of Stephen Duffy. And, quite frankly, McCartney should be strapped to a chair and made to listen to both eco-warning The Twilight Kids and the bittersweet The Girl Who Broke Her Own Heart as a reminder of the sort of class he used to write. - Mike Davies

If you like "Everyone Loves A Villain" getr it here!

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