Monday, September 29, 2008

The Bon Mots - Forty Days and Forty Nights with The Bon Mots - 2007

Michigan based music vets The Bon Mots are one of indie rock's best kept secrets. Opening with "Walk to California" it's a hook filled mix of guitar jangle and sleepy organ. Leader Eric Chial has a great rock vocal, similar in cadence to Steve Winwood that evokes a blues soul and free spirit. Mike Coy does vocals on the other half of the songs here and has a even gentler pop style, similar to Keane."Past or Present" rely on the ambiance and bass lines of past jangle bands REM, The Church and even The La's. You couldn't get a better Byrds sounding opening lick than on "Oh Her Telephone." The song is a mid-tempo ballad that flows through your ears with that lush Rickenbacker texture. The next tune, "Reasons, Dear" is truly beautiful pop and the ever changing chords and lyrical story to keep the listener interested. Almost every song here shines, including the very Zombies meets Donovan vibe on "Festival Girls" and it's another amazing gem. The latter half of the album gets a bit softer and gentler, like in "Last Time" but is not likely to have you hit a forward on the player. The musicanship here is immpecable as well, the classic sound just works well for them and the harmonies and jazzy guitar jams in the choruses make it a perfect psychedelic pop mix that I haven't heard since The Mother Hips. -powerpopaholic

If you like "Forty Days and Forty Nights with The Bon Mots" get it here!

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