Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 57

This week Power Pop Overdose, we bring your new music from The Reflectors, The Speedways, The Adam Brown, Mark and The Clouds and David Myhr, but wait there’s more we’re also bringing new music from Johny Polonsky, The James Clark Institute, Curt Florczk, Brad Marino and Watts. Additionally, will bring you some more Hidden Gems and some great jangle pop. Oh yeah, our featured artist this week is Any Trouble and Side One of their masterwork, Where Are All The Nice Girls? from 1980. I’m thinking you’re going to dig the show. 

 As always, enjoy the music, support the artist, and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose!
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Curty Ray said...

New and Notable
All Made Up – The Reflectors
Street Kids – The Speedways
What We'll Never Know – The Adam Brown
You Wanna Put Me Down - Mark And The Clouds
Egyptian Blue - David Myhr
Why Stop At Five? More New and Notable Music
People Are Lonely, Horny, Angry and Depressed - Jonny Polonsky
Little Powder Keg- The James Clark Institute
Worry Stone - Curt Florczak
Many More Drugs – Brad Morino
Shady – Watts
Jangle On!
Hold Me Tight - Coke Blenda
I'll Be There – Gary Ritchie
Capturing The Flag – The Long Ryders
Black And White – The dB’s
Talking To Myself – Let’s Active
Hidden Gems
C’mon – The Artists
Three Bands Tonight – The Directions
It’s Allright – The Wet!
Dumb Blond – The Jags
Hormones in Action - The Neat
Featured Artist – Any Trouble - Where Are All The Nice Girls – 1980. Side 1
Second Choice - Any Trouble
Playing Bogart - Any Trouble
No Idea - Any Trouble
Foolish Pride - Any Trouble
Nice Girls - Any Trouble
Turning Up The Heat - Any Trouble


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