Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 54

This week on Power Pop Overdose we bring you new music form Brent Seavers, Underwater Sunshine, Ritchie Mayer. The Bablers and the Empty City Squares, but wait, why stop at just five this week? There is also new music from The Forty Nineteens, The Explorers Club, Super 8, Jim Trainor and The Nuclears! Additionally, we feature music from “Down Under” and plenty of Hidden Gems too. We also feature side 1 from the 1981 self-titled masterpiece from The Producers. I know you will dig the Popcast.

As always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose!

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Curty Ray said...

New and Notable
Play – Brent Seavers
Baby Blue – Underwater Sunshine
You Don't Get Me High Anymore - Richie Mayer
Psychadilly Circus – The Bablers
Hail To The Cheato – Empty City Squares
Why Stop At Five? More New and Notable
It's For Fun (That's All We're Living For) – The Forty Nineteens
Be Young, Be Happy, Be Foolish – The Explorers Club (feat. Lannie Counts)
For My Friends – SUPER 8
Staring Down The Sun – Jim Trainor
Steer You Wrong – The Nuclears
Tunes From Down Under
The Last Thing On My Mind – The Finkers
Telephone – Loaded Dice
I Love The Thought – Autopilot
Can’t Go Back – Michael Carpenter
Be My Friend – The Chevelles
Hidden Gems
Don’t Split My Signal – The News
Can't Tell You Anything – The Romantics
Suicide Romance – Zamp & The Suspects
Weekend Girl – The Bozos
Please Mister Radio – Jet!
Featured Artist – The Producers – Self-titled – 1981, Side 1
What's He Got? – The Producers
I Love Lucy – The Producers
Who Do You Think You Are? – The Producers
Life Of Crime – The Producers
Certain Kinda Girl– The Producers
You Go Your Way – The Producers

Sid Much Rock said...

Another lovely set. Loving the new cuts from Brent Seavers and Richie Mayer. Great cover from The Explorers Club (what is that from?) And surely that song by Finkers has to be a cover as it's just too spot on to be a 2013 release. Tell me more! Indeed those are gems from Zamp & The Suspects and Jet! Thank you Discogs! Oh and that Producers album is great. I think I make like their 2nd album even better!


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