Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Power Pop Overdose Popcast Volume 35

This week on Power Pop Overdose we have new music from Walker Meadows, The Well Wishers, Kurt Baker and more. Additionally, we feature music from 1979, tunes from Chiswick Records, Five from Artful Dodger and some great cover tunes. 

As Always, enjoy the music, support the artists and thanks for listening to Power Pop Overdose!

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Curty Ray said...

New and Notable
Don't Say You Miss Me – Walker Meadows
We Grow Up – The Well Wishers
Outta Sight – Kurt Baker
Why Do I Dwell On Things – You’re Among Friends
I’m Checking Out – Marshall Holland
That Chiswick Sound!
Pain In Love – The Physicals
I Can’t Fight It – The Textones
Alienation – Dan Kelleher
Nervous Wreck – Radio Stars
Drivers Seat – Sniff and the Tears
I Got Ya Covered
Reflections of My Life – Orbis Max w/Dennis George
The “In” Crowd – Marshall Crenshaw
I'm A Believer – Bram Tchaikovsky
Prettiest Girl – Club Wow
She’s Got Everything – The Romantics
Rolene – Moon Martin
The Man Who Built America – Horslips
Little Trouble Maker – Ian McLagen
Road Runner – Greg Kihn
Mirror Star – The Fabulous Poodles
Five from Artful Dodger
Think Think - Artful Dodger
Not Enough - Artful Dodger
Follow Me - Artful Dodger
Wayside - Artful Dodger
Honor Among Thieves - Artful Dodger


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