Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Blake Jones - The Homebound Tapes

I wish I were a wordsmith, then I could describe the emotion, that’s right, I said emotion, that the new Blake Jones EP from Big Stir Records elicits from me. Trust me, throw on your headphones, sit back and grab a Dr Pepper and just enjoy “The Homebound Tapes”, you will see what I mean. 

Is this a Power Pop album, no, it is not? What it is, for me, is a fantastic EP that has elements of Americana and maybe a little Skip Spence meets Laurel Canyon vibe thrown in just because. Heartbreaking and harrowing but stunning as well, Blake Jones with the help of Rex Broome as well as Blake's fellow Trike Shoppers, push all the emotional buttons. 

 “The Homebound Tapes” was written and performed during the 2020 pandemic and only clocks in at 18 minutes, but feels like a full length album. I wish there were more but I’m happy with what there is. Just grab a copy from Big Stir, your money and your time will not be wasted. 

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